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Choosing a gift for a man is challenging, especially if he has exquisite taste in fashion. One must carefully select even luxurious and high-end items to ensure they match one’s taste.

When it comes to expensive watches for men, many are exquisite and offer excellent quality. Many brands like Rolex, Montblanc, and Cartier have luxurious, expensive watches. Therefore, gifting these is like a dream come true for any tasteful man who knows what it is worth. Unfortunately, however, the price of these watches is out of range for many people.

Even though watches are pricey, people select them based on the brand and what personality is associated with them. For example, according to professional basketball player Kobe Bryant:

“Everyone looks at your watch, and it represents who you are, your values, and your personal style.”

This shows how wristwatches have become synonymous with style and fashion and are not just known for their functional value.

What is a Fossil Watch?

The Fossil Group is one of the top seven watch brands globally. It has several models, and its recognition has increased considerably in recent years. Despite being lower priced than the topmost luxury watches, the Fossil brand is still treasured, and so are its watches.

What is Fossil Watch

Fossil has also partnered with the luxury fashion brand Michael Kors to develop watches under the Michael Kors label.  This partnership is supposed to go through 2024. In addition, Fossil has also partnered with Michael Kors to manufacture jewelry.

Because Fossil manufactures watches at a range of prices, it cannot be labeled as a luxury watch brand. But what’s worth mentioning is that Fossil manufacturers develop quality watches purchased and worn by people from all over the world.

Where Are Fossil Watches Made?

The design studio of the Fossil brand is in Biel, Switzerland. However, it is manufactured in China and the USA. Fossil watch – most expensive ones are Swiss-manufactured. The watch is not expensive just because of the name of the country of origin but because the Swiss-manufactured designs are more elegant.

How Much Is a Fossil Watch Worth?

Fossil manufactures watches in the mid to high price range. The price ranges from $70 – $800.

The Fossil watch – most expensive one is priced at $800. This price range shows that Fossil is not a luxury watch brand, but it certainly aces the quality test. So, it is one of the best items to gift in 2022.

Fossil Watch Worth

Here is a list of the most expensive Fossil watches featured on their website and their prices:

Fossil Watch Price
Swiss Made Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch $695
Swiss Made Automatic Leather Watch $695
Swiss Made Automatic Stainless Steel Watch $795
Fossil Heritage Automatic Stainless Steel Watch $300
Limited Edition Fossil Blue GMT Stainless Steel Watch $200
Machine Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch Smoke Stainless Steel $249

Quality Features of a Fossil Watch

Even though the price of a Fossil watch is in the mid-range, it offers several features that depict its quality promise.

Here are some of the features of Fossil watches discussed in detail:

●      Water Resistance

Fossil watches’ water resistance ranges from 3 – 10 ATMs; they can go from 30-100 meters deep in water and still survive.

So, if you accidentally splash water on your Fossil while washing your hands or wear it while it is raining, you can stop worrying unless you are unsure that the Fossil you are wearing is genuine.

●      Unique Designs

Fossil prides itself on offering unique and classy designs for both men and women. For example, some of its watches for women have a delicate bracelet style that is quite popular.

A blend of contemporary and modern looks, Fossil watches can be termed a high-fashion accessory.

Also, its designs have got its name – Trendsetter, even though the brand is relatively new in the market. So, because its designs are distinct, many watch enthusiasts can recognize a Fossil when they see one.

●      Warranty

A genuine Fossil watch comes with 2-year warranty coverage. The warranty covers manufacturing defects but not issues caused by the user. For example, scratches, broken glass, or wire peeling are not covered under warranty.

●      High Value for Money

Given the watches’ price and quality, it would not be wrong to say that Fossil watches offer high value for money. Despite being a US fashion brand that uses Chinese manufacturing, Fossil inherits the Japanese watchmaking craft, therefore, delivers high-quality watches.

It also has several high-class patents, which makes it one of the best brands if someone is looking for an affordable yet quality timepiece.

●      Multiple Features

Fossil might be termed a fashion brand; it offers many unique features in its watches. Fossil also has a smartwatch. Its water-resistant model is suitable for sportspersons as well.

Even collectors are beginning to understand the value Fossil watches deliver at such a reasonable price.

●      Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are a crowd favorite. These watches are designed so that the front and back of the watch are visible. The users can admire the mechanical movement of the watch. While skeleton watches of many mid-ranged brands cost between $500 and $2000, Fossil offers skeleton watches in the $220 – $250 range.

Many collectors love the skeleton watches manufactured by Fossil. The reason is that it is hard for any watch-manufacturing brand to offer this revealing style at this price while upholding the quality.

Does Fossil Compare to Luxury Watch Brands?

The most expensive luxury brands like Cartier and Rolex have timepieces valued in millions.

The brands add diamonds, precious metals, and other valuable stones to these watches. However, because it is so expensive, these watches are only worn by people who can afford to.

Fossil is a Luxury Brand

Therefore, there is no comparison of Fossil watches with the timepieces from top luxury brands.

Here are the most expensive watches of the top luxury brands:

Brand Most Expensive Watch Price
Cartier Cartier Secret Phoenix Décor Watch $2.76 million
Rolex The Paul Newman Daytona $17.8 million


Montblanc Montblanc Regulateur Nautique Chronograph Watch $388,600
Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 561 by Marc Newson Clock $425,000


Because these watches are so expensive, it is hard for the common person to afford them. Luckily, there are options to purchase preowned watches at a lower price.

The technicians at these businesses ensure that these watches are returned to their pristine condition as much as possible before they are sold.

The price of the watches is determined by the following:

  • The condition of the preowned luxury watch
  • The cost of similar watches on sale at other stores
  • The original price of the watch
  • The accessories available

Final Words

Fossil watches might be relatively new in the market, but they offer incredible quality at an affordable price. In addition, because the watchmaker has several patents, they also offer stylish watches combined with new technology.

While Fossil does not compare with high-end watches manufactured from precious metals and embedded stones, it exceeds the quality expectations that one has from a watch of this price range.

For more information and prices, you can check out our collection.

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