Pre-owned watches Dubai

There are many sides to pre-owned watches. In some instances, pre-owned watches are vintage models that have been put up for sale by the owner for some reason or the other. At other times, our used watches in Dubai are in brand-new condition and they are more recent top-tier models. This is to say that not all pre-owned watches are old or scratched as many believe.

The basis for why owners of newer model premium watches put them up for sale is personal and definitely varies. One reason why pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai—or anywhere in the world—are a thing is that trading in your top-tier watches for a newer model or just cash is a practical thing to do.

Rolex vintage watches

As time passes, especially when the company decides to limit its production, its value increases. Now, the value of your watch has possibly increased by 50%. What should you trade-in when you need some money then? Or what if some used luxury watches you have always desired show up on sale? Then you can trade-in your current premium watch, which is now pre-owned by you for other pre-owned watches in Dubai.

Vintage pre-owned watches are a testament to the sustainability of the watch in itself. That what you possess is top-quality and is a testament to how long high-cost watches can hold their value.
Your used luxury watch might even be a model from your year of birth or a very memorable year for you. Whatever your contemplations are, pre-owned watches in Dubai are definitely worth being a part of your possession.

Top reasons to buy a pre-owned watch

Motives drive action and there are many motives for buying pre-owned watches in Dubai. Some of them include:

  • It’s a wiser choice
  • It’s more affordable as compared to a new one
  • Premium watches are a lifelong accessory

AP diamond-set bezel

A wiser choice

Buying a new high-end watch is much like buying a new luxury car, the value depreciates immediately you leave the store. However, buying pre-owned watches in Dubai means that the first owner already absorbed the initial loss and so you do not have to incur any loss through your purchase.

Not only that, expensive watches have a ‘glass floor’—a certain amount by which the value will no longer sink. This means that purchasing pre-owned watches in Dubai allows you to either sell your used luxury watches at the same value you bought them or at a profit.

More affordable as compared to a new one

The feeling of buying a new watch can be exciting but the joy of knowing you are wearing a limited-edition watch at a lesser cost than the initial cost can be much more exhilarating. This is the first cost you save when you buy used watches for sale.

Another reason used watches in Dubai are more affordable than new ones is that you do not bear the cost of depreciation that comes with buying the new model of the expensive watch. This means that you can buy pre-owned watches in Dubai from more recent models, you get to rock them while they’re still in vogue without facing depreciation costs. I don’t know any other way to ‘eat your cake and have it’.

Luxury watches are a lifelong accessory

Premium watches can last a lifetime and more, becoming the family heirloom. Is sustainability one of your top considerations when purchasing luxury items? Buying a pre-owned Rolex or other luxury brand is an excellent choice. Luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, or Omega are brands to reckon with when you need high-priced watches with longevity and value guaranteed.

Things to consider before buying a preowned watch

You are about to be the second owner of a used luxury watch, you need to get value for your money. For us at Pre-owned Watches Dubai, we pride ourselves on having a magnificent array of used luxury watches for sale.

Our policies cover checking the conditions of our used luxury watches for sale to ensure that our offerings are in pristine condition and that we always give our clients value for their investments. For you, the following ought to be part of your considerations when you decide to purchase pre-owned watches in Dubai:

  • Condition of the used luxury watches for sale.
  • Accessories of the used luxury watches
  • Cost of the used luxury watches for sale compared to other stores and the initial cost.

Condition of the used luxury watches for sale.

One of the key factors that make vintage or pre-owned watches in Dubai worth buying is the maintenance and careful handling that has gone into them in times past. Many people believe that second-hand watches would come in beaten and scratched.

Patek Philippe diamond bezel

This can be the case when you buy the pre-owned Rolex or other used luxury watches in a small watch store. The store would possibly not have the facilities necessary to restore the watch to its pristine state. But, with a high maintenance culture by the previous owner, the pre-owned Rolex or Patek Phillipe luxury watch is more likely to retain its value and be in the best condition when the previous owner puts it up for resale.

At Pre-owned Watches Dubai, we pride ourselves in ensuring that used watches we put up for sale are in the best of conditions. When we receive used watches in Dubai, we cosmetically and mechanically ensure to bring them up to factory standards. Our experienced eyes and technicians make this possible for us.
Polished, mechanically inspected, repaired (if needed) and with a warranty, our used watches in Dubai can be hard to tell apart from a new model.


First-class watch accessories refer to the other items that accompanied the purchase the first time it was made. These could range from a special edition winder box set, to as simple as extra straps and a strap changing tool. Aside from the extra straps or strap changing tools, many of the accessories in the accessories box do not get used.

This is the main reason previous owners forget them behind during a vacation or lose them for other reasons. Many of the preowned Rolex or high-value watches you’ll find would be without their accessories. This is part of what makes them pre-owned. For some watch collectors too, these boxes can sometimes end up in the backroom or somewhere inaccessible.

Since the content of the accessories box is not exactly essential, finding a pre-owned watch in Dubai with the accessory box accompanying it can take some more digging and cost more than the average. This does not change the value of the watch which is the most essential of them all. Whether you get an incomplete box or a non existent box, the key factor is that the premium watch is in the best condition.


When it comes to pricey watches with both the new model and preowned still in the market, we can tell you without hesitation that the preowned watch would cost way cheaper—up to 30% off depending on the brand of the luxury watch.

As earlier mentioned, expensive watches are much like luxury cars, their value depreciates once you walk out of the store. This means that if a new model of a Rolex were to cost up to AED 150,000 then the pre-owned Rolex would cost only about AED 105,000. With almost no difference cosmetologically.

Does a pre-owned luxury watch need to have a first pack and paper?

The simple answer is a ‘No’ but we’ll elaborate. Building on the importance of accessories when buying a pre-owned watch in Dubai from the last section, a pre-owned watch does not need to come in its box and with its papers. For the original owner of a pre-owned Rolex for instance, about 25% of the value of the watch is lost when the watch is sold without its papers.

For someone interested in pre-owned watches in Dubai, buying a used luxury watch with its paper adds about 25% also to the cost of the pre-owned watch compared to when you buy the watch without a box and paper.

Finding used watches in Dubai with its box can be a rarity but it doesn’t prevent Rolex or the luxury brand from servicing your watch when you need to service it. As long as it’s not on the stolen watch list. At pre-owned watches Dubai, most of the watches we have come with box and papers. In case the paperwork is missing, we make sure the watch was not stolen and we will also give you an authenticity certificate giving you that piece of mind.

What is the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer?

Chronographs and chronometers are terms you come across when you score fancy watch pages to make a purchase. A chronograph is a complication in a watch that allows you to measure short periods. It works much like a built-in stopwatch feature in a watch. Chronograph watches typically have two or three subdials that display the hours, minutes, and seconds.

If your high-priced watch has a chronograph, it will usually feature a return to zero button, or pusher, on the side of the watchcase. The top pusher will start the chronograph, while the bottom pusher will stop the chronograph.

A chronometer is a high precision watch that has passed intense precision tests over 15 days and has obtained an official rate certificate from the COSC, which is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.

When a watch is referred to as a chronometer, the movement of the watch towards a set of accuracy has been measured and certified that they remained within +6 and -4 seconds per day. A chronometer luxury watch is very accurate, can be referred to as a superior timekeeper and Premium watch companies usually have the word “Chronometer” displayed on the watch dial.

A watch can have both a chronometer and chronograph function. They can also be separate depending on the model and design. In addition, just because a watch is a chronometer does not mean it has a chronograph and vice versa.

The best brands to buy pre-owned luxury watches

By 2025, the high-price watch market all over the world is estimated to be worth up to $9.3 billion. Over the many decades of its existence, many popular names and brands have contributed to the credibility and value of the market.

These brands have contributed to the precision and accuracy for which their brands are known using exquisite designs and mouth-watering deals that have birthed other smaller brands as competitors.

The brands are famous for their consistency and the value their timepieces bring to the market that their used luxury watches have a glass floor—a value—beyond which they do not depreciate. Some of our best, hand-picked luxury brands that you may want to consider when buying pre-owned watches in Dubai are:

Rolex submariner date

The Rolex is as synonymous with the expensive watch industry as Formula 1 is to car racing. After many decades of being in the timepiece industry, it is evident that Rolex is a brand worth your investment. The Rolex brand takes into consideration the many needs of its clients, crafting masterpieces with exquisite jewelry, and dress watches, with high technology. Many of their time-pieces both new and pre-owned are the order of the day with celebrities, businesses men, and presidents.

Whether a pre-owned Rolex watches for your personal use or many pre-owned Rolex models for your watch collection, the fact remains that compared to other brands, the Rolex does not depreciate easily in value. A king in its own right.

Omega Speedmaster moon watch

Whether for the board room, red carpet, space, underwater, or the stage, the Omega luxury watch brand has something for every watch-enthusiasts. The brand also features high technology and style that makes the brand one of the most accurate top-tier watch brands in the world.

For example, the Omega Speedmaster moon watch is built in the classic 4th generation style that was worn by the Apollo 11 astronauts when man historically first landed on the moon. The masterpiece models are made in either hesalite glass with an embossed Seahorse case back or with sapphire-crystal glass on both sides.

Like all expensive watch brands, owning a pre-owned Omega watch gives you excellent value for your money, style while you own and wear it, and almost equitable value when you decide to resell.

Breitling superocean chronograph

Breitling is a premium watch brand from Switzerland, the 15th most recognizable in the world, with a reputation for producing precision chronometers for Aviators. For the many famous people who dot the history of this brand, the verdict is that wearing a Breitling equals being seen as dependable, since the brand is majorly known for being a chronometer.

Amongst the many superb models of the Breitling brand is the Breitling Superocean chronograph. The watch is both a chronometer and a self-winding chronograph. Rubber-molded with a unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate dive times. its case is water-resistant up to 200 m (660 ft) to face great depths; has an ultra-legible dial featuring large luminescent hands and numerals, perfect for both land and sea.

Is youthful and contemporary a style you would like to rock? Consider a pre-owned Breitling Superocean chronograph. The value never runs out!

Frequently asked questions about pre-owned watches Dubai

Would you recommend buying a used watch?

Definitely, we highly recommend it. You can read through the many pros of buying pre-owned watches in Dubai highlighted in the article above.

How can I find the watch I'm looking for?

The first step to finding used watches in Dubai is to visit our store or look through our catalog. Our collection is highly varied to accommodate as many models as our clients might be interested in. Please begin your search at the top of the page or our store.

Why do I need to buy a used watch in Dubai?

Buying pre-owned watches in Dubai has benefits spanning the affordability when compared to the new one, the history it carries, and the more value you get for the watch when you do not incur the loss of depreciation that comes with purchasing new model pricey watches.

Can you deliver the watch to my home?

Yes, we do home deliveries. Whether within UAE or outside of the Emirates, our online purchasing and delivery system has removed any restrictions to purchase and home delivery.

Why are used watches useful?

Used watches are highly valuable. Purchasing pre-owned watches does not reduce the value of the luxury watch as premium watches tend to retain their value over the long term especially when the model is no longer in production.