Jules Jurgensen Watch Quartz

Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet.”  ― Jeannette Walls

This quote shows precisely what persona a watch adds to a woman’s wrist. It shows how bold she is when doing things for herself. It adds definition to her, makes her feel powerful and endearing.

What is a Jules Jurgensen Watch Quartz?

Jules Jurgensen ladies watch was quite the talk amongst the ladies at that time. It was a high-quality watch manufacturer in Switzerland that had been producing timepieces since 1740.

The manufacturer also produced watches at a wide range of prices. While some of these were mid-range, others that were gold plated, made with white gold, or studded with diamonds were priced relatively high for that time.

The Jules Jurgensen watches were last manufactured in 1957. After that, the company continues to honour warranties and repair watches. Many Jules Jurgensen watches used Quartz crystal with an electronic oscillator to measure time.

You can find Jules Jurgensen watches that use the Quartz mechanism still working with new batteries on marketplaces. Therefore, they deliver antique value as well as functionality.

Jules Jurgensen Watch Value


Jules Jurgensen ladies watch value for the mid-range watches varies from $72 to $200. These timeless pieces are sold on eBay and other sites. Since the watch is not being manufactured now, these watches are preowned. Many of them might have been passed down two to three generations.

If not passed down, several people might have worn them before being sold again. However, there is no way to determine how many people have worn a particular Jules Jurgensen watch because these watches go way back.

High-Value Range

Many Jules Jurgensen watches are also sold for exceptionally high prices. The Jules Jurgensen watch value relies on the model of the watch and how much it was worth when bought. It also depends on the material used by the manufacturer and whether it has any precious stones or not.

Some of the many on sale over the internet might also be based on false claims. For example, many put up high prices for their watches and claim that it was a one-of-a-kind piece. While some claims might be valid, many sellers do this to get high value for a product that could not have been valued for more than a couple of hundred dollars.

So, Jules Jurgensen watch value depends on how vintage the piece is.

Jules Jurgensen Identifier

The iconic crown in place of 12 on the watch’s dial or under it shows that the watch is a Jules Jurgensen. The name ‘Jules Jurgensen’ and under it ‘Estd. 1740’ is also some identifier of a Jules Jurgensen Watch.

Jules Jurgensen Watch Identifier

The other numbers on the dial are accentuated with minute lines made of silver or gold-coloured material.

When it comes to highly-priced Jules Jurgensen watches, many have 14k written at the back of the watch, signifying that it is made of 14-carat gold. Other high-end ones include the Triple Calendar Moonphase Valjoux, which ranges from $4,500 to $7,000, and 18k gold watches.

White gold Jules Jurgensen watches start from $1,500, and the prices go up depending on the watch’s design, make, and material.

Even though many of the Jules Jurgensen watches look worn out, these watches are expensive because they are vintage. The worn-out look shows that the Jules Jurgensen that the person is flaunting is genuine.

However, many are well-preserved and cost thousands of dollars just because they look good cosmetically.

A lot of the pieces with genuine diamonds are also sold for under $1000. However, before anyone purchases this, it is a must to ask for the original box and the warranty card. For purchases of $200 and under, you could also purchase the watch without the box.

However, it is recommended that you check out the price listings of similar watches on other marketplaces to confirm their value.

Jules Jurgensen Watches Men and Women

Surprisingly, the watch’s value in the vintage market also depends on gender. Since men collect more watches than women, men’s watches in the vintage or used watches market command a higher price than women’s watches.

Jules Jurgensen Men and Women

It is all about the principle of demand and supply. Since women tend to buy watches that look luxurious and new, they mostly do not try out watches with old designs and worn-out straps and dials. As a result, a plethora of women’s Jules Jurgensen watches is being sold on the internet for exceptionally low prices, while only a few men’s watches are listed. Those listed have a high price and get snatched up pretty quickly.

Final Words

Jules Jurgensen watches are a vintage treasure. Each watch tells a story, and many watch collectors collect vintage antique watches.

Men are more interested in the vintage watch market than women. As a result, Jules Jurgensen watches for men are sold at higher prices than women’s watches.

However, the watch’s value also depends on the age of the watch, its condition, the style, and the valuables like diamonds or gold used in the manufacture or design of the watch.

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