Types of Rolex Bracelets

Rolex has six types of bracelets in its portfolio. Depending on which watch you pick, you can pair it with a suitable bracelet. If you have been struggling to understand the difference between these Rolex band types, we will make it easier for you. 

Rolex bracelets

The four major types of Rolex bracelets are the Oyster, Oyster Flex, Jubilee, and the Presidential bracelet. While Oyster bracelets are available with almost every model, the availability of the Jubilee and Oysterflex depends on the model you pick. As for the presidential bracelet, it is available only with the Day-Date models. Here’s a detailed look at all the different types of bracelets. 

  • Oyster
  • Jubilee
  • Presidential
  • Oysterflex
  • Pearlmaster
  • Leather

Oyster bracelet

One of the most popular bracelets in Rolex watches is the Oyster bracelet. The bracelet was initially designed and manufactured by Gay Frerès. Rolex patented it in 1947 and ended up purchasing the company in 1998. With this, the Swiss watchmaker was able to manufacture the bracelets in-house. 

Oyster bracelets feature triple-linked metal construction. They have a larger link in the middle with two smaller ones on both sides. Over the years, the company has improved its design and made it much better than before. The new Oyster bracelets come with the Oysterlock deployants, which use Rolex’s glidelock technology. This lets the user make micro-adjustments making the watch get a snug fit on the wearer’s wrist. 

Jubilee bracelet

Among all the Rolex strap types, the Jubilee bracelet is the company’s approach to making the watch look and feel more premium than it already is. Moreover, these bracelets offer a dressier look. First designed in 1945, the Jubilee bracelet was initially introduced in solid gold. It was not until the mid-50s that Rolex decided to roll out the two-tone options with this bracelet option. 

Jubilee Rolex bracelet

What makes this bracelet look more luxurious than the Oyster is the fact that it has 5 links instead of just 3. The Jubilee bracelet is available as an option with the Rolex Datejust, and GMT Master II models. 

Presidential bracelet

Only available as a combination with Rolex Day Date, a Presidential bracelet is one of the most elegant-looking bracelets. Many people like to describe this one as a cross between the Oyster and the Jubilee. This is because it has 3 links like the Oyster but they are all placed close together like the Jubilee. Basically, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Oysterflex bracelet

Oyster Flex is actually a rubber bracelet but designed in the most sophisticated way. While it is a completely different approach from the usual metal bracelets, this was much appreciated by Rolex fans. This is because it is very comfortable to wear even for long hours. Even though the bracelet is made of high-quality rubber, it still has a core of metal and it gets a metal clasp. 

The Oyster Flex bracelet first appeared in a rose gold Yacht-Master back in 2015. Now, the bracelet can be paired with a Yacht-Master or a Daytona.

Pearlmaster bracelet 

Rolex PearlMaster

While the aforementioned bracelets are more mainstream, the Pearlmaster is different. This bracelet was introduced in 1992 with the Rolex Pearlmaster watch. Unlike other bracelets, this can be seen only on the Pearlmaster watch. It is an elegant-looking bracelet that is available in gold, white gold, rose gold, and Tridor. If you are new to the Rolex words, Tridor is a mix of all three metals. 

Leather bracelets

Though not that popular, Rolex even offers leather bracelets. Currently, the leather strap is only seen with the Cellini watches. But there was a time when Rolex even offered leather bracelets with some white gold Daytona models. These leather bracelets can be paired with any of the Rolex watches and will only enhance the look further. 

Which Rolex bracelet should you pick?

No matter which bracelet you pick, it is always going to look elegant. Since it is a Rolex bracelet, it will also be comfortable. All you have to see is which bracelet goes well with your taste.