Best Solar Watches

If you are looking to switch to solar-powered watches, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you narrow down your options by listing the best solar watches you can buy in 2022. Let’s get started.

Many renowned watchmakers have their own edition of solar watches that have become popular amongst collectors and are of great value. These watch types are gradually gaining recognition for their potential and can be a good addition to your watch collection.

Top 10 solar watches you should know about

Watchmakers like Citizen, Timex, Orient, Seiko, and Casio are amongst the most popular brand choices for solar watches. Their watches offer great durability, build quality and style. Let us take a look at some of the top solar wristwatch models you should consider buying: 

  • Seiko SNE331
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Chandler BM8180-03E
  • Timex Expedition Scout Solar-powered 40 mm
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver BN0150-28E
  • Seiko Prospex Solar Diver SBDJ017
  • Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ025P1
  • Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T JY8078-01L
  • Citizen Promaster Nighthawk BJ7000-52E
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Avion
  • Orient Solar Panda WV0041TX

Seiko SNE331

Seiko SNE331 is considered as a tough field watch with a simple design. Its large LumiBrite numerical dial makes it easy to read time even during low-light conditions. Its dimensions are measured at 22 mm lug (strap) width and 43 mm across, which makes it slightly chunker in comparison with traditional field watches. 

Solar WristWatchThe solar-powered timepiece features the company’s proprietary Hardlex Crystal that is tough and shatterproof. The watch also has a water resistance of 100 meters. When fully charged, this solar watch can run for ten months straight. The SNE331 is priced around $187. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Chandler BM8180-03E

Citizen’s Chandler BM818-03E is a classic solar field watch. Its minimalistic, military inspired design has all the basic elements of a good timepiece. The dimensions of the watch measures at 18 mm lug width with a 37 mm dial. This is a compact watch, which makes it easier to wear without being cumbersome. 

Citizen Solar WatchIt has a power reserve that will last for six-months on a full charge. The watch also features a screw-down caseback and crown, and a mineral crystal which gives it a water resistance capability of 100 meters. It is available at a retail price of $367. 

Timex Expedition Scout Solar-powered 40 mm

The Timex Expedition Scout 40 mm is a casual field watch with a rugged styling. When it comes to affordable solar watches, this particular timepiece is a great choice. It has a 40 mm dial and a 20 mm lug width. The timepiece has a scratch resistant mineral crystal with 50 meters of water resistance. 

Timex Solar WristWatchWhen fully charged, the power reserve will hold its charge for up to four months. The watch also features lumed numerals and hands making it easier to read in low-light conditions. Timex Expedition Scout 40 mm is priced at around $100.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver BN0150-28E

A competition to the SKX model, this particular solar watch secures its place as one of the most affordable diver watches in the market. The BN0150-28E is a large watch with a 44 mm dial and 20 mm strap. 

Citizen Promaster

It features a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, a unidirectional bezel and has a 200-meter water resistance. The power reserve of the watch can last for up to six months on a full charge. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver BN0150-28E has a customer rating of 4.7 stars with a retail price of $195. 

“I always judge a man by his shoes and his watch.”

– Tamer Hassan

Seiko Prospex Solar Diver SBDJ017

The Seiko SBDJ017 features classic diver watch styling and functionality. It is a fairly large watch with a 43.5 mm dial and a 20 mm lug width. The timepiece comes with LumiBrite indices and hands. What makes it a legitimate diver watch is its unidirectional bezel and screw down crown and caseback. 

It has 200 meters of water resistance capability and power reserve that will last you up to 10 months. The timepiece comes at a retail price of $200. 

Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ025P1

This particular diver solar watch has somewhat of an unconventional design aesthetic. It comes with three dials placed in a non-traditional styling. The Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ025P1 is a large watch with a 48 mm dial, 14 mm thickness and a 22 mm band width. 

Seiko Solar WristWatchIt is a half digital, half analog watch that comes with certain distinct features like, automatic calendar, chronograph function, an alarm, and two time zones. The watch has a customer rating of 4.5 stars and has a current retail price of $400. 

Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T JY8078-01L

The Skyhawk A-T JY8078-01L is a striking example of how well Citizen understands aviation mechanical watches. It has a dimension of 45.5 mm, with a 22 mm lug width. The watch features an impact and shatter-resistant Anti-reflective sapphire crystal. 

Citizen SkyShawkOther key aspects of the watch include a chronograph feature, perpetual calendar, dual time zones, backlight and a slide rule. The Promaster Skyhawk A-T JY8078-01L has a customer star rating of 4.6 and is priced around $500. 

Citizen Promaster Nighthawk BJ7000-52E

Citizen watches are popular in the aviation watch segment. The Promaster Nighthawk is one of the most popular models of solar watches produced by the brand. It features a complex dial with a unique design. The BJ7000-52E has a 42 mm dial, 12.5 mm thickness and a 22 mm lug width. 

Citizen Pro Master NightShawkIt comes with a dual time zone, a date complication and a slide rule that is operated using the eight-o’clock crown. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters with a power reserve of up to six months. There’s also a low-charge indicator that will remind you to recharge the batteries. The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk is priced at $300 and has a customer rating of 4.4 stars. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Avion

Eco-Drive Avion is described as a less over-the-top aviation watch. The design of this pilot watch is minimalist and simple. Its design is a combination of chronograph and flieger watches. The watch dimensions are measured at a 45 mm across dial, 23 mm strap width, and 13.5 mm of thickness. 

Citizen Eco Drive Solar WatchThe watch features a three-sub dial layout with the date window placed in between the four and five o’clock markers. The watch comes with a power reserve of up to six months. It also has luminous hands for better visibility, a mineral crystal and 100 meters of water resistance capability. The Eco-Drive Avion has a customer star rating of 4.6 and is priced at $238. 

Orient Solar Panda WV0041TX

One of the best looking solar watches on the list, the Orient Solar Panda WV0041TX takes its design cues from some of the popular racing watches. It has a 42 mm dial, 11.5 mm of thickness with a 22 mm strap. 

Orient Solar PandaThis timepiece features a three-sub dial layout with pushers placed between the two and four o’clock mark that enables the operation of the chronograph. The watch also has a date window between the four and five o’clock mark and has a six-month power reserve on a full charge. Orient Solar Panda WV0041TX has a customer rating of 4.6 stars and goes for a retail price of $236.

Other popular solar watch brands 

Above mentioned are the top solar watches available in the market. Apart from these timepieces, there are few other honorary mentions of popular solar watches, which include the following:

List Of Solar Watches

“I have some wonderful suits in my closet, a lovely car, and some refined watches.”

– Pierce Brosnan

Types of wristwatches

Wristwatches are basically classified into five main categories; Field, Dive, Pilot, Chronograph, Dress and Digital watches. These classifications have been made based on the design of the watches and their intent. Below mentioned are the reasons justifying the categorization of these watches

  • Field watches were initially designed for military personnel with its durable quality and accurate time. 
  • Dive watches were made for professional diving experts with its water resistance ability. 
  • Pilot watches as the name suggests were made for pilots with its analog display of altitude, and direction. 
  • Chronograph watches were produced specifically for race drivers. These watches come with stopwatch functionality with the accuracy of milliseconds. 
  • Dress watches are designed to compliment your suits and other formal attire. These timepieces have a simple and minimalistic design.
  • Digital watches are the modern form of watch dials with a numerical display of time rather than the traditional hands.

Solar watches are available in all the above mentioned categories. These watches offer their unique styling and are purpose built. Today, watches have transcended from being worn by specific professions like race drivers or pilots and have become a statement of style and wealth.

Why choose Solar Watches?

Solar wristwatches as the name suggests are light powered watches. These timepieces require minimal maintenance, and run on sustainable power. Therefore, the replacement of batteries is the last thing to worry about. Unlike mechanical watches, a solar timepiece does not require winding. In fact, if it is exposed to the light it needs, it will automatically keep track of time while maintaining its accuracy. 

Solar watches, the eco-friendly option 

Solar charged watches are stylish yet functional timepieces. The major selling factors of these watches are low maintenance, no battery replacement, great durability and pricing as well. If you are looking to get yourself a stylish solar watch, consider the above options while making your purchase. 

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